Epic Star Wars themes part II

Epic Star Wars themes part II

A couple months ago, I brought you an EPIC list of Star Wars themes and today as I browse themes I’m still seeing new themes added to the HTC Theme gallery. So I figured we should do another round-up of themes to keep the force strong with those of you who get that reference.

Star Wars is one of those series that will live forever and I bet I’ll be able to do another epic list in a few months with a fresh handful of Star Wars influenced themes.

Here are a few themes I’ve found recently in the HTC Theme app:


This theme has a lot of details and would be more than worthy of one of my regular theme reviews. For HTC Sense 7 users every screen on your phone should have a different wallpaper. Even the keyboard and phone dialer have special skins. Theme designer Jair A. Hernandez was in the spotlight last week when I covered his cool Deadpool theme. Also check below for one more theme included in this list and check his profile for several other really well designed themes.

Boba Fett Theme 1


This fun theme takes an evil character and adds a bit of comedy to his role. I like the bling on his knuckles in the home screen wallpaper and I appreciate that each page has a different wallpaper.

Darth Vader Fun Theme 1


This theme was designed by Elena Buz who has three other really cool themes in the gallery so far.  Actually, scratch that, Elena has had other themes in the gallery, but they’re gone now and for good reason. I covered one of her themes before, remember this one: black watch? In my review I basically knocked all of her current themes, but now I’d like to praise the four that are in her collection at the moment. There are tons of details popping out of each theme and she’s really upped her design game. Great job Elena!

008 Theme

Star Wars The Force Awakens Upgraded Art Theme

By the sound of this title the designer has updated some or all of the artwork included in this theme. And that’s exactly what attracted me to it in the first place since the core of adding themes to our phones is for a fantastic look. I didn’t like that the icons are basic, but I think the wallpapers are good enough for any fan to want to represent the force with. For some reason the designer’s name isn’t showing up in my browser. Maybe the artist switched over to the dark side.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Theme 1

Star Wars FTH II

This theme has a handful of nice wallpapers and has a cool keyboard that the designer has even made the effort to go back to fix an issue in landscape mode. I really like the theme’s color palette and it has all the usual suspects that I’m drawn to. I just criticized the prior theme for having stock app icons and at first glance you might think the same for this theme, but there are some slight differences in color and shapes. Even though they look stock I commend the effort to add flair.

Star Wars FTH II Theme 1

Tapping the links above on your mobile will take you to a web browser and you may need to try the following in order to see it in the Themes app:

  • After you click on the link make sure you are *logged in at the top right and then tap the bookmark button near the middle of the screen. Then, on your phone open the Themes app and scroll to the right until you get to “MY BOOKMARKS” and the new theme should be listed in there. *Make sure you log into the website using the same Google account used on your phone.
  • If this doesn’t work for you, try searching for it in the Themes app: There is a search bar in the Themes app, tap the 3 stacked lines in the top left. Search will be in the grey bar across the top.

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