HTC marks down the One M8

HTC marks down the One M8 to $399

HTC started an email and BlinkFeed campaign in the US a couple days ago marking down the price of the HTC One M8 by 20%. This is essentially the Hot Deal of the week, a weekly discount effort HTC has been using for a while, most notably around the holidays. This brings the price of a brand new One M8 with Uh Oh protection down to $399.

It appears that HTC is trying to clean out its inventory of the M8 to make room for the several models announced during MWC like the Desire series and the One X9. And they’re also going to need room on the shelves for the upcoming One M10.

Speaking of the HTC Perfume, is M10 going to be the real name? HTC may have sent out a hint with this tweet yesterday.

At this point of the M8 sale the pickings have become slim. With variants from carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile already sold out along with the Developer and Unlocked editions. The only M8’s left in HTC’s stock are from Sprint and Verizon and only one or two colors are available. So if one of those are your carrier and you’re looking for a solid phone with the best protection plan on the market, CHEERS!

HTC is also running a sale on M8 phone cases. You can pick up the Dot View, Flip Case, Double Dip, or Translucent case for only $10 while supplies last.

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