HTC theme of the week: Bart Simpson

HTC theme of the week: Bart Simpson

Welcome to the HTC theme of the week, a series where I spotlight a theme I’ve found in the HTC Theme app, from a user I follow, a recommended theme, or eventually ones I’ve made myself. The Themes app runs on phones with HTC Sense 6 or higher and has a huge gallery of user contributed designs with custom wallpapers, icons, sounds and more.

The Bart Simpson theme brings back a bit of nostalgia for me. I used to watch The Simpsons show when I was younger. Bart was then and is now that mischievous boy who always finds himself getting into trouble even though he means no real harm. Despite his characteristics, he didn’t get my phone into any unwanted trouble.

Bart Simpson Theme Pros

The theme takes me back to a happy place when I was a kid, settling down for the evening, sitting in front of the tube for a good laugh before bed. The theme sports a very similar wallpaper, but with variations of color in the background and the theme color goes well with these walls.

The HTC and Google icons are circular and have nice details. Even the non-supported app icons are shrunk and fit inside a circle giving all your installed apps a nice, even look.

Bart Simpson Theme 3

The HTC Clock and Weather icons are dressed up for the Bart Simpson theme. The color of the clock matches the ring around Bart’s head on the wallpaper and the weather widget has fun multi-colors that I’d like to see in more themes.

Bart Simpson Theme 2

Bart Simpson Theme Cons

I really expected to have some sounds with this theme. I bet there’s a whole soundboard on worthy notification tones alone and the Bart-man song could be the ringtone among other good options. So when I changed my M8 to this theme I was left with sounds from the Deadpool theme I recently had in the spotlight.

About the theme designer

Dario Scardy has a handful of themes and wallpapers in the HTC Theme app. This theme has been downloaded 12338 times and was added to the gallery on November 17, 2015. He has a few superheros and Starwars themes worth checking out too.

About my theme review criteria

When selecting themes to review in this column I look for themes that are complete and look like they have a lot to offer.

So what does a complete theme look like?

A complete theme has a collection of wallpapers, as many custom app icons as possible with the rest styled and/or textured, custom weather and clock icons, custom soft keys, modified keyboard, custom fonts, and unique sounds.

That’s a lot of features, but to me, that encompasses a theme with all the bells and whistles. Not all themes I review hit all the marks, but they at least have several of the items mentioned above. I do this in an effort to show you the creativity of the designers uploading to the HTC Theme app.

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