SteamVR Performance Tool knows if your PC can Vive

SteamVR Performance Tool knows if your PC can Vive

We recently learned the price of the HTC Vive and all that your money will get you, but there was still one major detail that had yet to be confirmed by HTC or Valve; what PC specs will it take to run Vive. The new SteamVR Performance Test is the tool that will give you all the details you need even though you haven’t bought the Vive yet. And we know you want to!

Valve’s new tool will evaluate your PC, or rig as those who custom built their own call them and it will give you a metered chart based on the hardware inside your box. The results of the test will let you know if you any of your equipment fails to meet the recommended specs to run a smooth VR experience with the HTC Vive or other VR Ready hardware on the SteamVR platform.

The handy little tool can be downloaded from the Steam store or the SteamDB site and will only take up approximately before extraction. After you run the app on your computer you’ll find out if you need to get a new graphics processor or CPU or possibly both due to the details the Vive will need sent to those little displays in the Head Mounted Display.

Update: After a comment below from Andre and actually having the time to download the test it appears the download is much larger than I stated earlier. Steam reported the app to be 4700+ MB’s, but my download says the file ended up taking 1.9 GB of disk space. So depending on your network speed it could take a little while to download.

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