Mobile security: An important issue in the increasing technology around the world

We have been using mobile phones since a decade or two but we were never so concerned about our phone’s security than now. In today’s modern world where normally everyone bears a smartphone, data privacy and mobile’s security are two very important aspects to talk upon. We use smartphones in our everyday life to click pictures, send mails and even to store our important details such as credit card credentials or ATM pins, though this is something we shouldn’t do but it helps a lot if you can just scroll through your mobile and look at those PINs rather than calling at your home and asking someone to tell you those.

Mobile’s security breach caused by hackers and software

The more technology is developing the more threat we face in correspondence to our privacy. What was meant to be a comfort (the internet) is now a very effective way for hackers to get into people’s mobiles and steal data. There are many reports of mobile phones being hacked; private pictures being leaked or bank credentials stolen leading to money frauds etc. There is a need for us the people to understand that, we cannot rely upon anything. Smartphone development companies often put disclaimers asking people not to download third part apps as they might contain malicious links that will steal your data.

Though there isn’t anything much which can be done about it other than the smartphone companies themselves put an effort to increase the mobile’s security (like apple). What we must do is be careful while opening unwanted links from social Medias or within browsers.

Protecting your phone from viruses

If you have ever used a laptop or PC (which you definitely would have), you would know that viruses effect very badly on your device’s speed and eat up its processing power. In similar ways, mobiles also have viruses which are somehow downloaded along with a file or via an accidental click on the link. These viruses however can be stopped or removed using mobile security software. Antivirus companies like Quick heal, Kaspersky also offer security software specially designed for Android and ios based smartphones that can scan an app, any file, speed up your phone and much more.  You can buy antivirus software from online websites and use homeshop18 offers to avail extra discount.


It is very important for us to understand that, no matter how safe our phone is, whether we use an antivirus or not, but keeping personal files on smartphones is not good at all, besides the usual danger of hacking, consider your smartphone being stolen, it would project a greater risk as you might not loose your personal data but your banking credentials too. You can even try greendust coupon to avail some dicounts.

Though all the phone manufacturing companies are working harder towards mobile security, but we should take it upon ourselves to protect our personal data from falling into the wrong hands. Mobile security is a serious issue and it’s good to see companies not taking this lightly.

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