New Google Pixel bug distorts screenshots sent from iPhone 7 Plus

Google’s Pixel series of smartphones have charmed their way into the Indian premium smartphone market with a 10% share as per research firm Counterpoint. However, it seems that the ‘charm’ is about to run out of steam. According to a few user reports, the handset seems to encounter bug while displaying screenshots shared from an iPhone.

Users have also posted images of the screenshots on Google’s Products Forum.

These reports further mentioned that screenshots specifically sent through SMS/MMS or Hangouts from iPhone 7 Plus, were the ones appearing distorted on Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Users added that both first and third party apps are being treated the same way.


Interestingly, the same error wasn’t encountered while sending a Pixel screenshot to an iPhone 7 Plus.



“When I get a screenshot from an iPhone 7 Plus texted to me as a text attachment (aka MMS), it comes across all distorted. Let me break this down a little bit: 1-Screenshots of the iPhone home screen texted to me are fine. 2-Screenshots from within any app (native or not) on the iPhone come across distorted (native phone, messages, email, as well as 3rd party apps like ESPN, etc),” explained of the users in the forum.


In the forum, Google seems to be aware of the issue but no solution has been mentioned yet. “As the issue is confined to Iphone 7 Plus device, I’d suggest you to reach out to Apple Support once in this regard,” said one of the community specialists, Matt on the Google Product Forum thread.

This is the second bug that has been found on Google’s Pixel smartphones since its launch a few weeks back. The first bug was reported a few days ago and dealt with the unusual lens flare appearing on it while clicking an image against the light source at an angle.

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