HGH- Boons and Banes

HGH is a single chain peptide that is produced by the pituitary gland to initiate and process growth and development in children. It also maintains manybiological functions, like tissue repair, brain operations, muscle advancements, energy, metabolism and absorption, throughout one’s life. It is released into the blood and then travels throughout the body. It goes into the adipocytes or generally called the fat cells and probably cause them to reduce in size (extracting fat out). It even enters into the muscle cells, stimulating lean muscle progression, so helps one to look stronger and toned. When it extents to  the skin, it continues healthy blood supply, ramps up the collagen fibre production, and thus strengthens the underlying sub-structure (dermis) of the skin, keeping the skin firm, taut, and suave.

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The peak levels of HGH occurs during the adolescent years and slowly declines with increasing age. ). The concentration of HGH in average male circulation is 5mg/ml. Woman bearing child has twice this amount of growth hormone in her blood. Growth hormone is released majorly during deep sleep, so it is recommended to have a good long nap to maintain HGH, supplemented with balanced diet.Studies have often recorded that adults who are obese have diminished levels of HGH than normal-weight people. These studies suggest the important role of HGH in old age as well as the weight loss functions. The only option which remains in the hands of the physique-craving bodybuilders and athletes who are not in their early age is taking expensive prescription based HGH injections or more rarely the HGH dietary supplements. However the latter is less common in use because it doesn’t give fast result and just augments the original process of pituitary synthesizing HGH, which is pretty irrational if the production rate stops entirely or becomes immeasurably low in an old age person.

HGH cycles

A cycle term is used for the entire usage plan of any drug. HGH cycles (medically prescribed, which is in case of any severe genetic disorder or pituitary gland deformities e.g. Down syndrome, Brain Tumor etc.) can range from 20 to 50 days of one injection daily, with short intervals afterwards, all depending on the diagnosis and age of the patient.

For non-medical HGH cycles i.e. In case of bodybuilding and fitness trainings, the cycle only depends upon the desires of the user. It may range from 12 to 20 weeks with increased dosage of drug per day.. People do not take only HGH only. It is stacked with testosterone itself or its synthetic anabolic derivatives for effective results. HGH only provides the helping hand to augment the process through which these steroids help to increase the muscle strength, helping in performing more exercise with less breaks, escalate bone density, reduce fat (majorly abdominal and visceral) proportions, and induce other benefits like increased libido. One should only consult a medicine professional for advice, before he starts using it to prevent major side-effects and contraindications.

Hormones can have anenormous impact on thephysical, psychological, and social health of a wellbeing. So it will be best if a person utilizes the time when there are peak levels of HGH in the body.

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