Clenbuterol-FAt LOSS-Effects

Clen is a synthetic stimulator which helps in activating the beta-2 adrenergic receptors which helps in weight loss. This supplement is used for treating high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, asthma, migraine and arrhythmia.It is also taken for weight loss and for fat burning. Clen is used for reducing fat while preserving the muscles. This is anti-catabolic in nature.

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Clen – how it helps in burning fat

Clenbuterol is used by many female athletes and celebrities for achieving the toned look as well as for eliminating the body fat. Clen comes in 20mcg tablets and it also comes in the form of syrup and injections. This affects the sympathetic nervous system and interacts with the adrenoceptors, so it is sympathomimetic.The body has nine types of receptors and each has subcategory. Clen affects only one receptor that is beta-2 receptor. While clen in beta-1 stimulant and this relieves bronchial and arterial obstructions. It does not have any effect on the heart. Clen is highly efficient bronchodilator. This steroid is easy to use as the dose is just one per day and it is maintained in the blood. Clen has anabolic properties and this is proven on animal research. Clen is also thermogenic as well as is a beta-2 receptor which effects the fat cells just by transforming into free fatty acids. This is the reason Clen is used by many athletes. When a person uses Clen, he has more muscles and less fats. Clen works at the very first time when it is used. The person will notice the stimulating effect of the drug immediately.


The best cycle to use Clen is from four to six weeks. For checking if Clen is working on their body or not, they need to check if their body temperature is normal or not. If its not working, then the person have to stop using it and then start using it. Clen can also be cycled with Tren and many other anabolic steroids. While increasing the dose of Clen will not show any good results, so the body must be rested from using it for some time. If the dose is more, then there are risks that a person faces side effects and the results are not improved. When Clen is combined with thyroid hormones, it will have effective results and helps in burning more fat without following any restricted diet. While in growth hormone therapy, few cycles are followed, so that the thermogenic properties and anabolic properties are enhanced. Clen is widely used with anabolic steroids for cutting. The most important cycles are Clen with testosterone, Winstrol and Clenbuterol. Check out the effects of clenbuterol before getting started.

Effects of using Clen

The general dose is that men take two to eight tablets each day, while women take two to four tablets. Clen helps in increasing the body temperature as it is thermogenic and this helps in converting fat as energy source by the body. Clen cannot be used for longer periods as the effectiveness will reduce as the body gets adjusted to the compound.

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