Trump Immigration Ban: US Government Urges Appeals Court to Reinstate Order

The US government on Monday defended President Donald Trump’s travel ban as a “lawful exercise” of his authority, and urged an appeals court to reinstate the suspended measure in the interests of national security.
Uber Hires Veteran NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars
Three days after a federal judge put the controversial measure on hold, Justice Department lawyers filed a court brief challenging the nationwide injunction as “vastly overbroad.”

An hour-long telephone hearing has been set for Tuesday at 3:00pm (11:00pm GMT) in a high-stakes case that looks increasingly likely to be settled by the Supreme Court.

Two new polls show a majority of Americans now oppose the travel ban on refugees and travellers from seven mostly-Muslim nations, which sparked airport chaos and condemnation around the world – but Trump has shown no sign of bending, pushing back late Monday in a new Twitter salvo.

“The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is very real, just look at what is happening in Europe and the Middle-East. Courts must act fast!” he wrote.

Earlier in the day, during a visit to US Central Command in Tampa, Florida, Trump accused the media of downplaying the terror threat which his administration cites to justify its ban, saying they purposefully ignored jihadist atrocities.

Asked to explain Trump’s comments, White House spokesman Sean Spicer promised to “provide a list” of attacks that had been “underreported.”

Trump’s decree summarily denied entry to all refugees for 120 days, and travelers from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days – a move critics charge will damage US interests. Refugees from Syria were blocked indefinitely.

The president says the ban is needed to tighten US security against foreign terror threats, citing the September 11, 2001 attacks despite the hijackers having no links to the named countries.

In its filing to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, the government argued that the federal court which temporarily rolled back Trump’s directive had “erred in entering an injunction barring enforcement of the order,” asking that the ban be reinstated.

The Justice Department argued that “the executive order is a lawful exercise of the president’s authority over the entry of aliens into the United States and the admission of refugees.”

“Even if some relief were appropriate, the court’s sweeping nationwide injunction is vastly overbroad,” it said.

The government again denied that the order specifically targets Muslims, defending it as a means to review and revise screening procedures in order to “protect against terrorist attacks.”

And it said non-US citizens seeking to enter the United States for the first time have no constitutional rights to be upheld.

Friday’s decision by a federal judge in Seattle has allowed the many travelers who were suddenly barred from US soil to start trickling back in.

The State Department has said visa holders from the seven countries are allowed to travel to the US as long as their documents have not been “physically canceled.”

On Sunday, the appellate court refused to overrule the federal judge.

Attorneys general for the states of Washington and Minnesota, which won the temporary stay of the ban, have asked the appeals court to refuse to reinstate it. They were backed Monday in a court brief filed by attorneys general from 16 other US states.

Several legal and rights groups have filed in support of the states, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the American Civil Liberties Union.

And in an additional blow, a slew of Silicon Valley giants led by Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter have filed a brief in support of the lawsuit, arguing that the ban threatens their ability to attract crucial foreign talent and investment to the United States.

Tesla and SpaceX were among another 30 companies that added their names to the filing late Monday, pushing the total to more than 120.

A group of prominent Democrats including former secretaries of state John Kerry and Madeleine Albright added their voices to the criticism, arguing that Trump’s ban could endanger US troops in the field, disrupt counterterrorism cooperation and feed Islamic State group propaganda.

Spicer insisted the administration was “absolutely not” planning to back down on its plan for extreme vetting at US borders, saying: “Once we win the case, it will go right back into action.”

But top Republicans have shown renewed signs of discomfort with the president as the controversy escalates – specifically over Trump’s virulent attacks on James Robart, the Seattle federal judge.

Supreme Court Asks Centre for Mechanism to Verify Identities of All Mobile Users

In a move to end fake mobile phone users, the Supreme Court on Monday asked the Centre to put in place within a year an effective mechanism to scrutinise the details of identity of over 100 crore existing and future mobile telephone consumers.

Supreme Court Asks Centre for Mechanism to Verify Identities of All Mobile UsersA bench comprising Chief Justice J S Khehar and Justice N V Ramana took note of the statement of Attorney General Mukul Reheated, appearing for the Centre, that a mechanism will be put in place to scrutinise identity of mobile users and new subscribers will be required to fill up Aadhaar-based eKYC forms to ensure correct identity.

“It is submitted that an effective system will be put in place and the process of scrutiny will be completed in one year… We are satisfied that the prayers made in the writ petition have been substantially dealt with,” the bench said and hoped that the process would be completed in the near future and latest before completion of one year.

During the hearing, the bench suggested that existing prepaid mobile users, who are 90 percent of the total mobile users, may be asked to give identity details at the time of recharge as done while giving fresh SIM cards to users.

Rohatgi said that it would be difficult as even small kiosks across the country recharge prepaid mobile phones.

Earlier, the court had asked the Centre and the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to apprise it about the steps which can be taken to scrutinise the existing and future mobile users in the country.

The bench was hearing a PIL filed by NGO Lok Niti Foundation which has sought a direction to the Centre to put in place a proper mechanism to check the authenticity of information provided by mobile users.

The verification has become more important in view of the fact that mobile phones are now being used for banking purposes also, it had said.

The plea said that proper verification of mobile phone subscribers was necessary to avoid fake identities which caused grave risk to national security too.

The court had asked DoT and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to also respond to the letter written to them by the petitioner NGO giving suggestions on the mobile phone verification issue.

The petitioner had written the letter to DoT and TRAI on August 7, 2014, saying there was a grave risk to national security because of lack of verification of mobile phone subscribers and had given suggestions for making systemic improvements to ensure the same.

In its petition before the apex court, the NGO has sought directions to DoT and TRAI to ensure 100 percent verification of mobile phone subscribers with regard to their identity, addresses and that no fake or unverified identity is accepted for subscription of mobile phones.

It also sought that Aadhaar Card or other biometric identification may be made compulsory for verification of the mobile phone users.

It claimed that around 5.25 crore mobile phone subscribers (about 5 percent of the total) are unverified, despite the directions given by the apex court and instructions issued by DoT itself from time to time to ensure mobile phone subscriber verification.

“Unverified SIM cards pose a serious threat to the country’s security as these are routinely used in criminal and terrorist activities,” the petition said.

The plea has sought strict implementation of subscriber verification guidelines and that physical verification be made compulsory in future and physical re-verification of existing subscriber base be conducted in a transparent manner.

How Growth Hormone can help in bodybuilding

The human Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary glands in adequate amounts to promote healthy growth and wellness. Human Growth Hormone injections can be used to treat children and adolescents or males, who are deficient in this hormone. But there is again a huge population of people who aspire to become body builders, athletes are always on the look- out for supplements that could help them to build muscle mass. Develop muscles, increase their stamina and endurance and to boost their athletic performance and starting an HGH cycle could help them in achieving their expectations.

Image result for How Growth Hormone can help in bodybuilding

How does HGH act?

Human Growth Hormone also known as HGH is produced by the pituitary gland, which is situated at the base of the brain. The release of this hormone is regulated by the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the master key that regulates various functions in the body of physiological and psychological nature. It regulates the increased production and secretion of the growth hormone into the body, by releasing a Neuro hormone called Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH). The release of this hormone will signal the pituitary gland to increase the production of growth hormone.

HGH supplements for bodybuilding

HGH is a natural endogenous growth hormone that is produced naturally in the body and is very important to regulate the growth and development of muscles, bones and other organs. The synthetic form of this hormone is used in the form of injections or supplements to treat people who are deficient in this hormone and also to increase muscle gains by bodybuilders. HGH supplements are formulated in a way, that they do not stimulate but by providing additional support to the gland in the body, they can boost the hormone production and secretion and starting an HGH cycle can also help you maintain the level of hormones such as the testosterone, estrogen and growth hormone that can decline due to aging.

Benefits of HGH Supplements

What benefits HGH hormone, considered as a peptide hormone, can do to your body are as follows

  • It stimulates muscle growth
  • It acts as a stimulant for protein synthesis
  • It is capable of accelerating the recovery time between workouts
  • It helps to burn fat
  • It helps to achieve a leaner well-defined frame.
  • HGH supplements contain amino acids that help to boost HGH levels

HGH supplements are over the counter products which means that they can be obtained online without any prescription. But the benefits you can expect will vary depending on the essential amino acids that have been used in the manufacturing of the supplement, as the functioning of the pituitary gland is dependent on the amino acids ingested through food or supplements for its optimal functioning. Some of the important amino acids are

  • Tryptophan
  • Lysine
  • Histidine
  • Valine
  • Leucine
  • Phenylalanine

Buy HGH enriched with essential amino acids online and avail special offers of the day. The HGH can promote muscle growth, which is essential for body building and athletics and also tackle psychological symptoms such as depression, anxiety and others associated with deficient growth hormone secretion.

Winstrol: Uses, Features and Results

Winstrol is an effective anabolic steroid and is considered the only biggest anabolic steroid by a lot of performance improving sportsmen. This is the most flexible anabolic steroid available on the market and can offer advantages quite compared with any other anabolic steroid. Trenbolone Acetate is also an issue to many misconceptions in the anabolic steroids world, but preferably we will be able to eliminate these misconceptions and obtain a company knowing of this substance. If you want to buy winstrol pills you can buy winstrol on the net. Winstrol is formally categorized as a veterinarian grade anabolic steroid. The Trenbolone Acetate itself was first developed in the late 1970’s and the Acetate edition would be offered under the titles Finaject and Finajet.

Winstrol Pills is used to assist people to recover weight they have dropped because of particular wellness conditions (for example surgery, chronic infection, trauma, long lasting use of corticosteroid drug such as hydrocortisone/prednisone). Additionally, it is used to relieve navicular bone pain due to navicular bone loss (osteoporosis). Oxandrolone is associated with a class of medication named anabolic steroids. This medicine is related to male hormones produced by the body.

Misuse of this drug (like to increase athletic performance or overall look) is really dangerous and can cause serious, sometimes critical issue.

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Winstrol Features & Qualities:

Winstrol is a 19-nortestosterone anabolic steroid. The 19-nor classification represents a structural change of the androgenic hormone or testosterone hormonal because it does not have a carbon atom at the Nineteenth place. This places winstrol in the same classification as Deca Durabolin. Actually, the Trenbolone hormonal itself is actually a customized way of the Nandrolone hormonal. All types of pills you can buy winstrol from the net. The Trenbolone hormonal provides a dual connection at carbons 10 and 12, which often decreases its metabolic rate, significantly improves its executed appreciation to the androgen receptor, and prevents it from aromatizing. The causing modify creates Trenbolone one of the most effective given every. Just by looking at its structural rankings, we can start to see how highly effective it is. Trenbolone provides an anabolic ranking of 600 and an androgenic ranking of 600 is well. Such rankings are depending on and calculated against the rankings of androgenic hormone or testosterone, which provides a ranking of 50 in both categories.

Results of Winstrol:

The results of Winstrol are nothing less than remarkable. On the other hand, we would like to look at the consequences of Winstrol in a more realistic way to ensure that you will have a good idea as to what to assume from the anabolic steroids use. You’ll discover this hormone is very useful in both reducing and bulking programs, but if the advantage we’re going to be given to one stage of use, it might have to be cutting. In terms of maintaining the stamina and efficiency Anavar is weaker than winstrol. Throughout the cutting stage there isn’t any steroid on earth as effective or as useful as winstrol. It is the most effective anabolic steroid when considering to the cutting stage and protecting lean cells. During an eating plan, protecting lean cells is the most significant goals. The overall main goal is losing extra fat, but if muscular mass is not maintained, the food plan cannot be deemed effective. However, in order to lose extra fat you must use-up more energy than you eat, and this may put your muscular tissues in danger. When you maintain your diet program and become slim, muscular cells loss will happen. It’s because the whole body burning lean cells to fulfill its energy requirements. An excellent diet program guarantees the whole body can burn extra fat to fulfill this requirement, but, because of the surviving instinct of the whole body, it will often get rid of muscular tissues rather. By adding winstrol, we make sure this doesn’t happen, make sure muscular tissues is protected, and get rid of extra fat at a higher and a lot more effective rate.

Blogging Platforms Compared – Which Wins Out?

It seems that every man and his dog has a blog (they used to be called weblogs). Whether you’re using it as your online journal to document your personal thoughts or you’re blogging about a specific industry or even producing content solely to make money it helps to know what your choices are in terms of the platform.

In this article we’re going to do a quick run through of some of the more common blogging platforms on the market. All of them are free (which is a good thing) and all of them are capable of powering anything from a basic blog to something with thousands of pages and thousands of daily visitors. So which one is best? Let’s take a look.

Image result for Blogging Platforms Compared – Which Wins Out?

 Hosted Solutions (e.g. Blogger)

 Most first time users tend to gravitate towards the free hosted solutions such as On the surface they probably look like they’ll do the job and you won’t have to mess around installing and configuring applications. That’s a huge plus if you’re not particularly tech-savvy but it also comes with its limitations. The biggest one being you’re pretty much stuck where you are, you can’t move your blog elsewhere and you’ll have trouble getting your own domain name for it when it grows etc so there are quite a few drawbacks. If however you just want a small blog to document your personal thoughts each day then it’s probably more than enough for you.


 By far WordPress is the most popular solution out there. It has everything you could possibly want in a content management system and is trusted by millions of people throughout the world. If there is one drawback I’d say it’s the sheer size of the application itself and because it’s so popular it’s also prone to exploits and hack attempts. Frequent patches do enough to combat this but if you’re going to run WordPress you really need to know what you’re doing in terms of security.


 They call this the developers blogging platform because it comes with a lot of highly customisable features. With Drupal you’re not limited as you are with WordPress, you can define and configure every aspect of your installation and get your blog looking and performing exactly how you want it to. Whilst there are not as many add ons in terms of themes and plugins as there are with WordPress and Joomla it is quite well supported so you’ll find more than enough options out there for customisation.


 Ghost is a platform that is becoming increasing popular, especially with those who have fallen out of love with WordPress due to its bulk and potential for exploits. Whilst it’s not as simple as WordPress in terms of installation and configuration, there are lots of tutorials available that assist with this and once you’re up and running it’s extremely lightweight and secure.


 Whilst it’s not strictly a blogging platform lots of people are using Joomla to power their blog. Personally I think it’s better to use a proper blogging solution rather than a standard website CMS but it is possible and it is feature rich. If you’re just literally writing blog posts it’s probably not worth bothering with. However if you want to bolt things onto it then it’s probably worth taking a look at.


 Blogging for the most part is all about the content. They say content is king and where blogs are concerned, it couldn’t be more true. But, the platform is important also. As to which one is truly better, I guess it’s a matter of preference. Some will prefer the features of one particular application and some will be so set in their ways having used a particular solution for the past 10 years they’ll see no real reason to change.

I can understand why people stick to what they know but I do think it also pays to try new things out from time to time. Who knows you might end up finding a solution you prefer. Lots of people are saying having tried the likes of Ghost they’re considering switching permanently etc.

Demonitisation: Domestic handset makers ask government to allow use of old currency notes

Image result for Demonetisation: Domestic handset makers ask government to allow use of old currency notesIndian handset makers have asked the government to allow consumers to buy mobile phones with the demonetised Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes for a month, as the industry faces a 50% drop in daily revenue that translates to Rs 175-200 crore.

In a proposal sent to the telecom, IT and finance ministries, handset makers have suggested that sales can be made against valid Aadhaar cards or voter cards, and each device sold can be traced via IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, to avoid misuse.

“This will also provide a trigger for further purchase of smartphones and feature phones to transition to digital payment platforms,” the Indian Cellular Association said in a letter to finance minister Arun Jaitley late Friday evening. “In turn, this will ease the pressure on cash transactions,” said the letter, a copy of which was reviewed by ET.

Global smartphone subscriptions to touch 6.3 billion by 2022, says Ericsson

Mobile handset sales have crashed 40-50%, primarily through brick and mortar channel, which contributes to more than 85% of the industry’s turnover. The association argued that sales will fall further in the coming days as consumers will conserve cash for the sowing season essentials such as labour, seeds and fertiliser.

“The daily collection of our trade and industry, which should be Rs 350-400 crore, is down by 50%. The cash flow has got affected and it is having a domino effect on the distribution trade and now manufacturing,” the association added.

New Google Pixel bug distorts screenshots sent from iPhone 7 Plus

Google’s Pixel series of smartphones have charmed their way into the Indian premium smartphone market with a 10% share as per research firm Counterpoint. However, it seems that the ‘charm’ is about to run out of steam. According to a few user reports, the handset seems to encounter bug while displaying screenshots shared from an iPhone.

Users have also posted images of the screenshots on Google’s Products Forum.

These reports further mentioned that screenshots specifically sent through SMS/MMS or Hangouts from iPhone 7 Plus, were the ones appearing distorted on Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Users added that both first and third party apps are being treated the same way.


Interestingly, the same error wasn’t encountered while sending a Pixel screenshot to an iPhone 7 Plus.



“When I get a screenshot from an iPhone 7 Plus texted to me as a text attachment (aka MMS), it comes across all distorted. Let me break this down a little bit: 1-Screenshots of the iPhone home screen texted to me are fine. 2-Screenshots from within any app (native or not) on the iPhone come across distorted (native phone, messages, email, as well as 3rd party apps like ESPN, etc),” explained of the users in the forum.


In the forum, Google seems to be aware of the issue but no solution has been mentioned yet. “As the issue is confined to Iphone 7 Plus device, I’d suggest you to reach out to Apple Support once in this regard,” said one of the community specialists, Matt on the Google Product Forum thread.

This is the second bug that has been found on Google’s Pixel smartphones since its launch a few weeks back. The first bug was reported a few days ago and dealt with the unusual lens flare appearing on it while clicking an image against the light source at an angle.

Cyber Monday 2016: Retailers threatening biggest online sale of the year in the US

Image result for Cyber Monday 2016: Retailers threatening biggest online sale of the year in the USCyber Monday may be in danger of losing its online sales title. The Monday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest online shopping day of the year, but stores are releasing internet deals earlier, stretching them through the week, as well as making them available in stores. Shopperslooking for discounts spurred online sales on Black Friday to a new high.

During the holiday shopping weekend that kicks off on Thanksgiving and the day afterward known as Black Friday, more and more shoppers decide to skip the mayhem in stores and buy online. Consumers spent $3.34 billion shopping online on Friday, a 21.6% increase from the same day last year, according to Adobe Digital Insights, which tracks online retail transactions.

Online sales have also been stretching out more and more. Cartwheel, Target’s digital app, started offering holiday deals including 50% off one toy per day on November 1. Amazon started offering 35 days of Black Friday deals on November 16. And Walmart kicked off its Cyber Monday deals at 12:01 am. EST Friday for the first time as it aimed to grab customers ahead of its competitors.

Online shopping proves to be a boon for third-party logistics firms in India

Lea Bishop shops online starting on Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, but this year found many retailers had extensive pre-Black Friday deals. She found an iPad at for $625, at $150 off during the week before Thanksgiving. To Bishop, the convenience of online shopping is worth more than finding the best deal.

“It may not be the exact lowest price but it was a really good deal,” she said. “You kind of have to weigh the ‘get up early, stand in line and hope to be the first person there’ with the ‘Oh I can go buy it now,’ even though it may be a little bit more expensive,” she said.

Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving, has typically been the busiest day of the year for online shopping. The phrase was coined in 2005 to encourage online buying when people returned to offices where they had high-speed internet connections.

The term is still used to promote heavy discounts online, even though most people now have constant access to the web via their phones and computers. ComScore expects mobile sales to make up 20% of online sales for the first time this year, and Adobe said mobile purchases surged 33% on Black Friday to $1.2 billion.

“Thanksgiving has become the new Cyber Monday,” said Shawn DuBravac, chief economist at the Consumer Technology Association. Out of the estimated 135.9 million US adults who shopped this past week, 35% did so by phone and tablet, an increase from a 28% share last year, according to the trade group’s survey.

Promotions have changed in response to buying patterns. Instead of door-buster markdowns on a select few products, retailers are shifting to a stream of discounts and alerts during the entire week via email and social media.

Android app support comes to more Google Chromebooks

Image result for Android app support comes to more Google ChromebooksAt the time of Google IO in May this year it was confirmed that the search giant will be bringing its millions of Android apps to Chromebooks. While several Chromebook laptops have got this ability recently, with the latest developer channel update, more Chromebooks are joining the bandwagon.

As mentioned by the Chrome Unboxed website, three more laptops namely the Acer Chromebook 14, Acer Chromebook 15 and ASUS C300 will now have access to Android apps via the Chrome OS developer channel.

The Asus C300 Chromebook users can simply do this by navigating through the ‘Menu’, selecting ‘About Chrome OS’, clicking on ‘Change Channel’ and selecting the ‘Developer Channel’ option. However, it is quite a complex process for Acer Chromebook users. 9to5 Google has given step-by-step details here as to how you can bring Android apps to Chromebook.



Google Chrome updated with Android Pay support

It is being assumed that more number of Chromebooks might see the feature coming to them when Google rolls out the Chrome OS 55 next month.

Back in May, at the time of the announcement Google said that this not only gives a boost to the Chrome OS but will also make it easy for developers to bring their apps on the OS without any need to roll out an update.


Some of the partners that are already working to bring Android apps to their Chromebooks include Acer, Asus, Dell, Haier, Lava (Xolo Chromebook), HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba and more.


Also mentioned was that the multitasking will also get easier with Android apps on the Chrome OS. Users will be able to view the Android apps in three different window sizes, making it easy to work on different apps simultaneously. However, there won’t be any changes coming to the existing Chrome Web Store.

The Most Popular Hi-Tech Anabolic

One of the few anabolic medicines that are used by most of the men and women safely is the new hi-tech depressant called the Anavar. Its scientific name is Oxandrolone or orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS). It is the first prescribed medicine available in the United States in the year of 1964. Researchers and medical professionals use them for a wide range of treatment. It is used for curing idiopathic short stature, Turner syndrome, and loss of body mass from catabolic illness or prolonged period corticosteroid treatment. The medicine is well established for the use of severe burns. The medicine is largely considered as growth hormone. Some bodybuilders use this medication for its muscle building properties. Therefore you can see that this medicine is used to treat a lot of disabilities which are approved as safe by the FDA. As of 2016, doctors prescribe it for the aid of development in girls who are suffering from Turner syndrome or someone who has HIV/AIDS.

Image result for The Most Popular Hi-Tech Anabolic

Chemical configuration of the growth enhancing pill

Specifically, it is a dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT) that has been altered structurally. The chemical body has an added atom of oxygen in the place of carbon-2 in the A-ring. For this reason,the dosage of Hi-Tech Anavar varies on an individual depending on the body condition. People often mistake it as a mere medication based on sexual life, but in reality, proper usage of the growth enhancer plays a big role in achieving independent goals. The replacing of the carbon atom increases the hormone’s anabolic activity. It also protects the medication from being broken down metabolically. As a therapeutic agent, the hi-tech booster is the common prescription for the purpose of weight gain due to surgery or infection. You can also call the medicine as a performance enhancing drug. That is why it is very popular in most athletes appreciating on the chemical bonding which carries massive anabolic that is three to six times stronger than testosterone.

Administration of the growth hormone

The dosage of Hi-Tech Anavar for the cause of therapeutic treatment normally consists five to ten milligrams of dosage every day. It can be extended till twenty milligrams but not more than that. This usage will run for two to four weeks with an off period of one week and again implanting the same for the next two to four weeks. So what is the necessity of the dosage? What if you go beyond the prescribed level? The answer is very simple; it stands responsible for many negative effects all over your body. One of them is androgenic. Though it is not an extremely potent androgenic medicine, but still it has some androgenic activity. Such existence can cause acne, hair loss or baldness but increasing hair growth on the body. The over dosage will also contribute to cardiovascular problems that are mostly concerned on your cholesterol. It increases the cholesterol by thirty percent. Thus, maintaining a healthy dosage for your healthy lifestyle is imperative. As long as you follow the protocol of the prescription, the longer you enjoy the usage with multiple health benefits.