How film production companies can help organisations to succeed

No organisation will succeed if they do not communicate effectively with their target audience. In order to communicate effectively, it is important to use the most engaging media format – film. With this, you can retain interest, be remembered and convey complex messages with ease.

With the rise of the internet and social media in recent times, it has now made it very easy and quick for all types of organisations to communicate to their audience. This could be a small sole trader announcing themselves on the marketplace, a large corporation recruiting new graduates, a charity raising awareness or a government department informing the public on an important issue. Although it is easy and quick for these organisations to put out these messages on their social media channels or through other avenues, it can also be difficult to get these messages heard. This is because the internet is now a fiercely competitive marketplace with millions of organisations all attempting to communicate their desired message.

film production

Most organisations attempt to communicate through text and/or image, but they will struggle to stand out from the crowd with these media formats. Instead, you will want to grab the viewer’s attention and retain it. The most engaging form of media is film, as this combines both video and audio elements. A Harvard Business Review states that people remember 70% of what they hear and see, but only 20% of what they hear and 30% of what they see. Not just this, but the film also has no limitations and it easily enables you to quickly and succinctly convey complex concepts and messages. Whether you are trying to define a product, explain a training problem, define your organisation’s identity or explain the manufacturing process, the most effective and engaging way to do this is through the film.

Whilst film is a fantastic media format to use for any organisation aiming to communicate effectively, it is also imperative that it is created by reputable and experienced film production companies. These companies have the skill, vision and experience to create a top quality film, as well as access to industry leading equipment.

This is how you ensure that it is a sleek, informative, entertaining and high quality film which will communicate your desired message. Without this, the film would be ignored and could even damage your reputation. However, when you have a high quality film, upload it to highly visible spaces and it will impress viewers and boost your reputation.

For all organisations, the key to success is communication. Although it is now easier than ever to communicate with your target audience, it is also much harder to stand out and be remembered. This is why it is beneficial for all organisations to use a form of media which people find particularly engaging – film. With high quality film, you can advertise, update, inform, recruit, raise awareness and plenty more all whilst keeping and retaining your audience’s attention.


Who said that to keep a smartphone in your pocket, you need to burn a hole in it? With so many brands coming up with so many smartphones, you have a wide array of gadgets to choose from. Thanks to the growing competition in the smartphone market, you get the best for the best amount! Listed below are mobiles under 15,000 that assure you the best smartphone experience without making you take multiple trips to the bank…

  • Samsung Galaxy J7

The gold, 16GB variant of the Korean product will cost you about Rs.14, 000. With a 5.5” super AMOLED touch screen, you get to use the hundreds of apps that Android Lollipop has to offer, with ease. With a 13MP back camera and a 5MP front one, you get to capture memories as you make them. The dual SIM phone supports 4G connectivity so that you don’t have to wait for your games and movies to download, ever again! The 1.5 GHz Exynos 7580 Octa Core Processor along with the 1.5GB of RAM ensures that you get the smoothest multitasking function that the smartphones in this range have to offer.

  • Honor 5X

Now this is one Honor that you must absolutely have! Priced at around Rs.12, 500, this smartphone sports a 5.5” screen with 1080p resolution support. It has a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera so that you can capture memories clearer than your mind can! It comes with a powerful 1.5 GHz + 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 MSM8939V2 Octa-Core Processor and 2GB RAM for efficient multitasking and app switching. The rich looking, full metal body smartphone comes with a 3000 mAh battery that will keep your company for a whole day even with heavy usage.

  • Xiaomi Mi 4i

Coming with a price tag of about Rs.12, 500, the Mi 4i is a spectacular phone with spectacular features. The 5” screen phone comes in a unibody design with an ultra-compact body.  It makes use of a 2nd-gen Snapdragon 615 Processor which combines with the 2GB of RAM to give the user the most fluid experience while running multiple apps simultaneously. Running the customised MIUI skin based on Android Lollipop, the phone supports a lot of beautification apps if you don’t like the pictures taken from the phone’s 13MP primary or 5MP secondary camera.

  • HTC Desire 820G+

For only Rs.14, 000, you can buy this 5.5”, dual SIM smartphone that runs on Android KitKat. It supports the expandable memory of up to 32GB in addition to the 16GB of internal memory. It sports a better camera than those in the same category: a 13MP primary, and an 8MP secondary camera. It is equipped with a MediaTek MT6592 Octa Core Processor.

  • Asus Zenfone 2

Priced at around Rs.14, 000, the phone comes with a 5.5” screen and 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z3560 Quad Core Processor. The 4G enabled phone runs on Android Lollipop and has an external storage capacity of 64GB. It boasts of a 13MP back, and a 5MP secondary camera.

Grab any of these devices for an impressive smartphone experience!

Top 4 Android Powered Mobiles under 10,000


Today, if you are even a little bit aware of the latest happenings in the tech market, you would know that there is literally a sea of mobile phones available in the market. Choosing from such wide choice can often be an overwhelming task. The best thing to do is decide your budget and then narrow down your choice. For instance, if you are looking to buy an affordable phone, some of the best android operated mobiles under 10,000 are:

Lava Iris 550Q

The Lava phones have created quite a wave in the Indian smartphone market, especially in the affordable smartphone segment. Although, not a very popular brand, the Lava phones have earned the reputation of delivering top class performance and the Lava Iris 550Q is the perfect testimonial for this fact. The phone has a standard 5.5 inch screen and it has 4 GB internal memory capacity with a slot for external micro SD card. In terms of hardware, the phone is packed with Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM. The Iris 550Q runs on Android 4.2.1 out of the box and features an 8MP primary and 2MP secondary camera. All these features and more is available just under 10K.


Sony Xperia T

It is a known fact that Sony is one of the most premium brands in the smartphone market. The wide range of phones from the Sony house are not only aesthetically appealing but also are designed to deliver the best user experience. The Xperia T is no different; the model in fact is extremely popular for its super-fast performance that helps the users to breeze through their tasks. The 4.55 inch screen is neither too small nor too big; it is just the ideal size to handle with single hand. The Dual Core 1.5 GHz processor provides a hassle free multitasking experience. The 16GB internal memory lets you store all your important files safe. If you are intrigued by the features, you can bring home this amazing smartphone for just Rs. 9,990.


LG Optimus L9 P765

When you talk about best and affordable smartphones, LG has to feature in the list inevitably. From the  myriad range of affordable smartphones from the LG house, the Optimus L9 P765 model made it to this list mainly because of it provides full value for the money you spend on it. The phone is smart, attractive and promises a great user experience. The VGA front camera may be the only drawback in the phone, but this phone is not really meant for the camera using audience, it is specially meant for professional users who like to multitask; it lets you complete your tasks in a jiffy.


Gionee Elfie S5.5

Gionee, ring a bell? It is one of the newest sensations in the Indian smartphone market. In the purview of the growing craze among the people to click selfie, the Elfie S5.5 comes as the perfect phone that lets you click, post and share those adorable selfies. The 13 MP rear camera and the 5 MP camera would be your perfect photograph partner. In terms of hardware, the phone is packed with Octa Core 1.7 GHz processor and 2 GB RAM, which lets you switch between applications with utmost ease and multitasks without any hassles or lagging issues.

Mercedes-Benz replaces robots with humans on its assembly lines

robots, automation, mercedes-benz, assembly lines, humans replacing robots

There are many articles that warn of the inevitable loss of jobs as robots become increasingly advanced and replace humans in certain industries. One of the most publicized of these is the car manufacturing sector, where machines have been making humans redundant for many years. But Mercedes-Benz, it seems, is doing the opposite; the German vehicle maker is replacing assembly robots with humans.

A report from Bloomberg states that the robots cannot handle the complexity of the many customization options available on the company’s new S-Class sedan. These include carbon-fibre trims, heated and cooled cup holders, seat cover colors, various in-car technology, and even four different types of caps for the tire valves.

Mercedes-Benz said that the robots take too long to reprogram and retool when adapting them for new production runs, so the company has hired more flexible and dexterous humans to complete the tasks.

“Robots can’t deal with the degree of individualization and the many variants that we have today,” said Markus Schaefer, the firm’s head of production. “We’re saving money and safeguarding our future by employing more people.”

The robots are being replaced at the company’s biggest manufacturing plant, the 101-year old Sindelfingen factory in Germany, which produces 400,000 vehicles a year and processes 1500 tons of steel a day.

Not all the robots will find themselves looking for new jobs. Many of the smaller machines will work in tandem with employees to perform some of the core repetitive tasks, with the more complex elements of production handled by the humans. The company is calling the processes of man and machine working side-by-side “robot farming.”

While Mercedes-Benz’s decision doesn’t mean the trend of many jobs becoming automated will end, it does show that humans and robots working together can be more productive than machines working alone.

“We’re moving away from trying to maximize automation with people taking a bigger part in industrial processes again,” said Schaefer. “We need to be flexible.”

World’s first wireless flexible smartphone lets you ‘feel’ an ebook

flexible display, reflex, lg display flexible oled, queens university, flexible technology

Flexible smartphones were once talked about as being the ‘next big thing’ for the industry, but apart from the occasional limited demonstration at a convention, the hype surrounding the technology has died down – possibly because it’s taking so long to arrive. But now, Canadian researchers have created a device that may be the first step toward a truly flexible smartphone screen.

Created by researchers at Queen’s University Human Media Lab, the prototype ReFlexis the world’s first flexible smartphone to feature a full-color, high-resolution display and wireless technology.

ReFlex uses a 720p LG Display Flexible OLED touchscreen and is powered by an Android 4.0 KitKat board mounted on the side of the display. It also features a voice coil that allows the phone to simulate forces and friction through highly detailed vibrations.

Being flexible doesn’t just make the ReFlex look cool, the device lets you use its physical properties as a way of interacting with certain software. There are sensors on the back of the display to measure the amount of force you’re using to bend it, which is then translated into actions within various apps.

“This represents a completely new way of physical interaction with flexible smartphones,” said lab director Roel Vertegaal in a press release.

When reading an ebook, for example, an extreme bend will flip through the pages faster. You can even aim your slingshot in Angry Birds by bending the screen. The smartphone’s vibrations will make it feel like the pages are flicking across your fingers, or imitate the sensation of a rubber band being stretched.

“Users can feel the sensation of the page moving through their fingertips via a detailed vibration of the phone. This allows eyes-free navigation, making it easier for users to keep track of where they are in a document,” Vertegaal said.

The ReFlex prototype will be presented at the Conference on Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interaction in Eindhoven today.