Windows 10 overtakes XP and 8.1 to become second most-used OS in the world, but still way behind 7

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When Windows 10 was released on July 29 last year, it was hailed as the best operating system to come from Microsoft in a long time. Now, six months after its release, the latest iteration of Windows has finally passed 10 percent market share, moving it ahead of both Windows XP and Windows 8.1 to become the second most-used operating system in the world.

The figures, from NetMarketShare, show that Windows 10 now has a global market share of 11.85 percent, up from 9.96 percent in December. This put it ahead of fourth place Windows 8.1, which stayed at 10.4 percent, and third-position Windows XP, which actually saw its share increase by half a point in the last month to 11.4 percent.

Microsoft revealed last month that Windows 10 is the fastest growing version of its operating system ever. It was installed on 75 million PCs in its first four weeks, reaching 110 million after just 10 weeks. In December, Windows 10 was found on over 200 million active devices, moving ever closer to Microsoft’s grand plan of having the OS installed on 1 billion devices “in two or three years.”

Those who are continuing to use Windows 7 and 8.1 still have six months left to upgrade to Windows 10. And with Microsoft’s recent announcement that all new processors will only be compatible with its latest OS, it looks as if the operating system’s popularity will continue to increase.

Despite the positive figures, the latest version of Windows still has some way to go before it knocks Windows 7 off the number one position. The seven-year-old OS is still used on 52.47 percent of the world’s computers, but it’s market share is declining fast – down from 55.65 percent in December. Just before Windows 10 was released, Windows 7 held a massive 60 percent market share.

Apple plans Siri for Mac as tentpole feature for this fall’s OS X 10.12 launch

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Apple has reportedly been testing Siri for Mac since at least 2012, but even though the digital assistant has already made its way from the iPhone to the Apple Watch and Apple TV, it’s been notably absent from OS X. According to 9to5Mac’S Mark Gurman, that will change this year when the company launches OS X 10.2 in the Fall.

Gurman says Siri for Mac almost ready to go and will be announced as a “tentpole” feature for the next major update to OS X, which is expected to be previewed in June at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference.

The digital assistant will reportedly be summoned in a handful of ways: through a Siri icon in the top right corner of the Mac’s menu bar, using a keyboard shortcut, or with the “hey Siri” voice prompt when your computer is plugged into a power outlet. Of course if you’re down with the idea of another device “always listening” to you in your home there will be an option to disable the feature.

Beyond Siri 9to5Mac reports OS X will receive minor user-interface tweaks across core system application windows, along with performance-focused improvement. If the company stick to its usual release schedule we can expect OS X 10.12 to launch around September or October, around the same time the next major update to iOS is due.