By | January 31, 2017

Movavi Photo Noir is a black and white photo editor that can convert your color photo into a professional black and white photo. There are many types of black and white presets created from different parameters. Some of the different black and white presets are Americano, Macchiato, and Latte. You can download Movavi Photo Noir from the Movavi site. After it is downloaded, you must run the setup to get the black and white photo editor installed on your computer. When you launch Movavi Photo Noir, you must drag the color photo that you want to convert into black and white into the drag and drop area to open it.

To make an image black and white, you must select the first tab called Noir to go to the black and white photo editor. Here, you will see two tabs including presets and adjustments. Under presets, you must choose a preset. You can preview how your picture look in the preset you select in real time in the preview screen. The preset that you have selected will have a blur border around the thumbnail. After selecting a preset, you have the option to go to the adjustment tab to adjust the overall color tone of your black and white photo.

You can click the save preset button if you want to use the same preset for all other photos. In this way, you don’t have to readjust the coloration sliders for the other pictures. To reset the adjustment back to the default settings, you simply have to click on the reset button. Movavi Photo Noir gives you the ability to highlight a certain part of the photo in color with the rest of the areas in black and white. To highlight a subject in color in the black and white photo, you must click the brush button under Black and white.

After clicking the brush button, your mouse cursor will be converted into a brush tool which you can use to paint the area that you want to highlight in color. If you accidentally paint outside the boundary, you can click the eraser button and erase away the excess markings. The painted area will appear to be in blue color. When you let go of your mouse, the object that is painted with the brush tool will appear in color.

Movavi Photo Noir comes with an additional of three basic photo editing tools including rotate, crop and resize. The rotate tool allows you to flip a photo to the left or right horizontally. You can also flip a photo up or down vertically. The rotate tool also allows you to rotate the photo to any angle that you need for your project. The crop tool allows you to crop a photo by moving the square crop frame to the area you want to retain. The resize tool gives you the ability to resize the photo by entering the width and height dimension manually or entering a percentage. When you are done editing your black and white photo, make sure you click the Export button to export your photo in the most convenient picture format for your needs.