By | June 12, 2017

Court proceedings are stressful. Regardless if it’s a trial, non-jury hearing, or conference, the tension can be thick enough to see. And during these types of situations the pressure can affect you and the information you need to relay to the judge and/or jury. In the end, inflections of voice and physical mannerisms can be the thing which sways a ruling to the other party.

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Of course, you don’t want this to take place. So, you study with your attorneys to make sure all of your information is verifiable. In addition to this, your law firm goes up one level to ensure what you have to say is proved. They look to expert witness services.

Simply put, expert witnesses are those individuals with extensive knowledge of the industry or subject you are dealing with. For instance, should you be dealing with a banking dispute, someone like Michael F. Richards could be chosen as an expert witness for financial matters. There are others out there who deal with the medical, industrial, and technical industries.

How does one find an expert witness? Normally, this is not your job. Your attorneys handle this operation, and they consider a number of factors before choosing the right witness. One of the most important is their qualifications. One doesn’t become an expert witness via book study or research via Wikipedia. They are experts because they’ve spent years in the same industry and have a large volume of knowledge.

The other thing attorneys look for in expert witnesses is their legal records. They review their testimonies from other cases to see if they led to a win for their clients. This is of prime importance. An expert witness can have volumes of knowledge under their belt, however, if they can’t present it properly to a judge or jury, then it’s not worth the consideration for your case.

This is not to say you don’t have approval of the witness. Should you have knowledge of the details as well and feel the expert witness is not up to par, let your attorneys know about it in order to locate a more suitable candidate to help you prove the facts and win your case.