By | June 21, 2017

The United States has a lot of room for you to explore your chances in the business world. Millennials nowadays are very eager in building their businesses whether it may a product line, a stall in the mall or an online store. Few of the successful startup businesses in the US are Airbnb and Uber. With the growth of startup business in the US, a lot of immigrants are attracted to build their own businesses. There are also businessmen who want to expand a branch in the US. There are many visas offered to immigrants who enter the country. However, different immigration status would require different documents. The government reviews these documents and makes sure that your company is completely legal.

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An L1 Visa allows you to set up a business only if you have been part of the management or an employee with specialized knowledge with the company’s product and services. The person applying must have work experience overseas for one complete year within three years before applying for the visa. The US will allow you to open a new office of a foreign company if you settle all requirements needed. One of the background checks to be verified would be the relationship of the parent company to the foreign business entities. The applicant must secure an office space and invest funds for US operations.

The E2 Visa is what start-up companies apply to have permission in building their business in the US.  This type of visa allows foreign entrepreneurs who are a member of the E2 treaty nation to enter in the US for the sole purpose of managing the operation of an enterprise they have invested in. Management of the business starts with the development until the actual day to day operations of the business. This type of visa may also be granted if you can invest a significant proportion or more than half of the total value of the enterprise. If it’s a new business or more known as a startup business, they would require an amount that would usually cost to start the business around USD 100, 000.

If you have an exceptional talent or a unique ability, you can apply for an O1 visa. If you have technological talents like creating apps or you love inventing new ideas, there will be lots of opportunities for you. However, you would need a US employer to sponsor you and work within your proposed business endeavor.

The H1B Visa is issued for employees. You will be required to submit a lot of documents such as labor certifications to pass for a business permit. It is best to use the time to think of a business you want to work on while you have your working visa. Then, you can apply for an L1, E2 or O1 visa thereafter. Chances of getting approved for this visa transition is very slim. However, there is never harm in trying especially if you have clear intentions.

Although there are many ways to get in the US and start up a business, the government in today’s America has stricter measures. According to Trump news, immigration has been arrested up to 38% nationwide. Due to a lot of undocumented immigrants, business permits for foreign nationals have been screened very keenly. When applying for visas, make sure you present all possible evidence of your intent to start a business in the US. They will sure look at all possible angles and will deny you if there will be any malicious details. If you’re intent is clear and all required documents are submitted, there should be no problem.