By | September 11, 2017

If you are looking to hire actors-actresses or celebrity lookalikes for a live show act of entertainment for your upcoming event, it can be quite difficult to know where to start looking and how to go about the planning. It goes without saying that you want your event or function to outshine all other events you have been to and remains the talk of the town for weeks down the line.

You can stop your search at the Special guest app that is designed to provide a selected and talented pool of actors, actresses, impersonators, music bands, DJs, comedians, jugglers, dancers, magicians, musicians, circus acts, photographers, videographers, speakers, etc. Whether you are looking for jugglers and clowns in costumes that complement the theme of the event, comets, trees, animals that come alive and mingle with your guests, caricaturists who amuse guests and also can attract attention to your corporate exhibition stall or Katy Perry style singing entertainment, Special Guest App has a solution to all your needs and beyond. They have with them a wide array of entertainers who either perform or can put together a customized live act specially made for your event and cause.

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This application is iOS based and can be downloaded from the App Store and provides an entertainment option instantly at the tap of a key on your mobile.

The working with this app is as simple. For this, you need to

  1. Download the App
  2. Discover and select a live entertainer
  3. Book the gig
  4. Sit back and experience live entertainment!

The app is designed to discover fresh and unique talent such that it removes the glitches for many live entertainers who are fraught with worry to find regular employment on a daily basis because connecting with the right people is getting awfully grim. The app removes all hurdles faced by traditional methods of hiring entertainment actors-actresses so that anyone anywhere can discover and hire live entertainers.

It effortlessly presents an easy-to-use app that when downloaded to the mobile or laptop, eases all tensions of hosting any type of live entertainment events and acts even in unusual locations like the home patio or restaurant occasions, an easy task to carry out with just a few taps on the keys.

You can search through profiles of a well-listed talent pool that highlights all capabilities and achievements along with their media portfolios.

Contacting performers have been made easy in the app by using in-app communicating facility it allows informing you of notifications and communicates freely between talent and the talent seekers making it very convenient to stay in touch and book gigs.

The app also comes with a geo-located feed that allows local performers to stay connected with the community around them and strengthening a solid network of connections. This feature helps the talent seekers to plan and add some wacky and wonderful entertainment to his audience and at very affordable prices.