By | September 21, 2017

If you’re looking to start your own local laundry service, it’s important to know how the laundry service industry works. Not only does it entail business owners to purchase high-end commercial and vended laundry equipment, but also requires them to understand the different functions of these equipment and how they leave a mark on the environment. Here are three tech tips for you, future laundry king.

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Higher Power Consumption Spells Lower Profits

It’s important to remember that the more customers you take in, the more power is consumed by your washing machines. If your current machines have a very high power consumption rating, you run the risk of failing to maximize your profits. Don’t consider raising your rates an option, because the only thing that’ll do is drive patrons away.

Start recycling your machines by finding parties who’d be interested in taking them off your hands for a reasonable price, then, with the profit you’ve made from that sale, find more energy-efficient machines that’ll rake in more cash. Purchasing new machines may break the bank by a smidge, but it’d be worth the trouble compared to realizing how much profit you missed out on had you stuck with your original set of machines. Plus, offering laundry services with more environment-friendly machines could also boost your potential for marketability, thus bringing in more customers to your shop.

Smaller Carbon Footprints Are Good for Business

More and more people are jumping on the environmental responsibility train. Almost everyone’s concerned about how large of a carbon footprint they’re leaving behind, so it’s high time you hopped on board as well. But don’t just do it as a marketing ploy. Be sincere in doing so. As a business owner, it should be your responsibility to ensure that your business doesn’t harm the environment.

Continental Girbau has a wide selection of environment-friendly washing machines and other laundry equipment to suit your business needs. One of their most flexible selections, the ExpressWash Soft Mount Washer, was built to save electricity, water, and gas consumption, as well as offer a unique washing experience with their mega-flexible programmable features to suit the needs of different customers. With a card-or-coin option choice, customers can enjoy the luxury and comfort of waiting for just one quick hour for their clothes to be cleaned!

Don’t Go the 24-Hour Way

It may be convenient for some people to drop by a 24-hour laundromat to get their clothes cleaned, especially those who have a really hectic work schedule, but consider the fact that machines that run non-stop are more prone to breaking down easily and quickly. Going the all-day way defeats the purpose of maximizing profit if it’ll only force your hand to allot a larger budget for machine upkeep and repairs.

Instead of keeping your shop open the whole day, make your business interesting by opening during peak cleaning hours. Allot three six-hour shifts every business day for normal operations, and three two-hour shifts during the day for equipment maintenance. In this business, your machines are your employees, and you wouldn’t want to overwork your employees now, would you?