By | October 24, 2017

Converting MP4 to AVI while maintaining good quality is the goal many users want. As AVI files can contain streaming types of audio and video over a period, converting MP4 to AVI has become a popular demand among many users. Therefore, due to its ability to hold large numbers of files, it is necessary to convert MP4 to AVI format frequently. Converting MP4 to AVI files is not difficult; All it takes is to find the ideal file converter that will do a good job. In addition to the ability to hold multiple files, it also delivers files in smaller sizes, hence enabling download / upload effort for every available medium. Therefore, the problem is how MP4 files can be converted to AVI files without any loss of quality. If you have faced all sorts of issues about MP4 to AVI conversion, my advice is to use Movavi Video Converter!

A few months ago I had the same difficulty. I am a layman in the computer world and I (at that time) encountered confusion over the many choices of conventional software available after a few seconds I typed in a keyword. I accidentally crashed on Movavi Video Converter and in just a few seconds I realized that this software really made it easy for me to access every feature.

There are at least three important characteristics of Movavi Video Converter; one-click setup, lightning-fast conversion, and quality improvement. The software is also compatible with two popular Operation Systems; Microsoft Windows and Apple. I noted there are five simple points in using this magical software. The five points are as follows:

  1. Install, Click and Click

For the first time I accessed the installation menu and I was really glad that Movavi provides a very simple English interface that is easy for anyone to understand.

  1. Selecting

Yes! The next step is to choose the file you want to convert. It’s very easy as you just need to find the MP4 file as the target. What’s fun was that I could convert a set of files in just one step! It helped me to save my time.

  1. Determine the final format

The third step is to determine the final format of the converted file. There are several AVI format options and you just specify one of them. I chose without any difficulty.

  1. Specify the destination folder

The fourth step is to determine the location where the new file (the conversion result) is placed. You can create a new folder but in my case I did not create a new folder. This process takes several minutes depending on the capacity of the destination file.

The four steps above are quite easy to run by anyone. I almost forgot, this great software can also improve the video quality (better than what can be done by similar software) and can also save video and audio files that are directed to easy mobile access.