By | June 29, 2018

Telegram Update Brings Replace Media Feature, Captions, and More

Telegram has updated its Android and iOS apps to introduce new features and improvements. The chat app now lets you replace photos and videos in conversations, add captions to media, fast-pace audio messages, share more than just the phone number in a contact, and more. The Android update bumps the version up to 4.8.10, while the iOS update bumps the version up to 4.8.3. This comes after Apple removed the ban on Telegram from updating its software earlier this month. Apple had earlier preventedTelegram from updating globally ever since Russia banned the service and ordered Apple to remove it from its App Store.

The most notable change with the Telegram update is the ability to replace photos and videos in conversations. The app used to allow users to delete messages, but now it also allows users to replace photos and videos with the correct ones. Therefore, instead of deleting media, you can just replace it in Telegram now. Also, the update brings the ability to add captions to photos and videos that have already been sent, and don’t have one.

Telegram claims that the update also lets users listen to long audio messages twice as fast. There’s a new 2x playback switch that increases playback speed, but doesn’t give the message a Helium-like high-pitched tone. You can now also mark read or unread multiple messages at once in Telegram, not wasting time on opening each window to do the same.

The Telegram app now also allows users to share several phone numbers and other vCard fields of one contact to users, by letting you select what data you want to send, and what you want to retain – similar to how WhatsApp does it. Furthermore, now when you open a chat from Global Search and then go back, you will return to the search results and keep your position in the list.

The messaging app also lists some Android-exclusive features like the ability to tap and hold on profile pictures in the chats list to preview chats, a new Create Link option in the formatting menu to make text URLs, and an option to cancel sending messages before they are sent.