By | August 22, 2018

Apple Confirms End of 'Back to My Mac' With macOS Mojave

In a new development, Apple is now alerting users that the ‘Back to My Mac’ feature will not be available starting with macOS Mojave. The ‘Back to My Mac’ feature allowed users to access their Mac from remote locations for file sharing and other purposes. Apple is now alerting users on macOS to instead use other services like iCloud Drive, Screen Sharing, and Apple Remote Desktop. Notably, this feature is not supported since the first macOS Mojave beta released after WWDC, and now Apple confirms that it won’t arrive with the stable update either.

Apple is alerting macOS users that ‘Back to My Mac ends soon’, and that ‘You can continue to use iCloud Drive to access files across your devices’. Apple is also directing users to a support documentthat details a bit more about the end of Back to My Mac. It confirms that Back to My Mac tool will not be available on the stable version of macOS Mojave, and users should learn how to use alternate services. “Back to My Mac will not be available on macOS Mojave. You can get ready now by learning about alternatives for file access, screen sharing, and remote desktop access,” the company notes.

It details how users can instead use iCloud Drive, Screen Sharing, and Apple Remote Desktop as well. To recall, Apple provides 5GB of free iCloud storage, after which you need to pay for more storage capacity. As the tradition goes, the stable version of macOS Mojave should arrive for users sometime in September.