By | October 31, 2018

As is clear from its name, screen recording will let you capture video footage directly from your screen. However what may not be clear is just how versatile it truly is, and all the type of videos that you can create by using it.

If you’d like to explore some of the popular types of videos that can be created using screen recording, there are four in particular that should be top of the list:

  • Expert interviews

It is not only possible to create expert interviews using screen recording, but it is actually easier than if you were to record a conventional expert interview. Essentially you will conduct the interview via a video call, and use screen recording to record it from your screen.

As you can imagine it is easier and more convenient to record an expert interview in this way – for both the interviewer and the subject. That being said care should be taken that the video call quality is good, including the webcam video and audio quality on both ends.


  • Tutorials

The most popular type of video created using screen recording is definitely tutorials. Because screen recording will let you capture video footage of apps, software, online platforms and any digital product, it is the perfect way to create tutorials involving them.


  • Product reviews

In the same way screen recording can capture footage of digital products to create tutorials, it can be used to record video footage for product reviews as well. With its help you can show what a digital product can do and demonstrate its pros and cons more clearly.


  • ‘Fair use’ videos

Under the fair use doctrine it is possible to create videos by re-using other videos that may be copyrighted. That material can be recorded using screen recording, as you can use it to save online streaming videos that you want to include in your fair use video.

It should be noted that fair use guidelines vary from country to country, so you should look up its requirements in your jurisdiction. Be careful that you don’t cross any lines, as the last thing you want is to violate copyright laws.

Alongside the types of videos listed above there are lots of other videos that you can create using screen recording, including product demonstrations, discussion panels, Q&A sessions, and more. To start creating any of these videos all you need is a versatile screen recorder, and for example you could use Movavi Screen Capture Studio (

Regardless of the software you use, you should try to make sure that you’re able to adjust the recording parameters in order to capture high quality video footage from your screen. On top of that it helps if you’re able to record audio both from your speakers as well as external devices such as a microphone.

If your screen recorder has those features, you should be all set and can try creating any one of the types of videos listed above.